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Can I lose weight on Jenny Craig?

Want to know whether the Jenny Craig diet is effective? Wonder can you really lose weight on Jenny Craig? Before spending your money on, it is better to find as much information as possible regarding the product. The questions like "Can you lose weight with Jenny Craig?" arise when the product is well-advertised, but there is little feedback regarding it. However, this not about Jenny Craig diet because there is a lot of evidence swearing this program is worth.

So how do you lose weight with Jenny Craig diet?

According to Jenny Craig diet plan, you eat two packaged snacks per day and three packaged meals, and one supplemental snack, if you need. You are suggested to get meals out of 100 entrees from the specialists by a local weight loss center or phone. Additionally, you are provided with support either in person or by phone, if you want. The vast majority of the consultants are people who had issues with weight in the past, but successfully overcame them and now are slim. So these people are definitely aware of the program's core principles. The specialists are ready to help you develop a meal plan, set achievable goals, address dietary challenges, and celebrate successes during the dieting period.

What is the food like on the Jenny Craig diet?

There is a little level of calories per portion: 1,200 per day. However, the essential amount of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates is present in each meal. The portion sizes are relatively small, though. The followers of this diet claim that the food tastes rather good.

How fast can you lose weight on Jenny Craig?

One of the peculiarities of this diet plan is that each product calories amount is strictly controlled. It is worth mentioning, that the results of keeping this diet might be different among different people: some people lose more weight while others lose less. Consequently, the results depend on the individual.

The study in 2015 that was held to figure out the effect of this diet, claimed that the results are positive but modest. However, this diet was considered to be one of the best diets that adhere to your individual limitations. The manufacturers of this diet state that it is better to think over carefully each of the diet plans, and the one that will be ideally combined with your lifestyle, will be the best.

The Jenny Craig diet supposes from 1lb to 2 lbs weight loss per week, but the results might vary depending on your initial weight, age, and basal metabolism. Note that even if you deviate from diet norms slightly, it will affect your overall results.

The Final Word

All in all, this diet is designed only for a special category of people that has no food limitations and is ready to obey the restrictions of the diet plan. If you are not ready to seriously change your lifestyle, it is better to consider some other diet. For that, visit a dietitian and ask their piece of advice regarding your health issues and balanced diet. Never give up if anything goes wrong.

Enjoy your dieting time and have a wonderful day!


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