We are here to serve and encourage our community in any necessary capacity and count it an honor that
you would take the time to review our website and meet with us through our local support groups.  
We also believe that it is by God's grace that we are where we are today and have the wonderful support
and network that has been made available to us (and you as well).  
Also, we make no apologies for our Christian faith, but rather love and accept everyone for their
uniqueness and hope to share strength, hope, and resources for all interested families and friends.  
Therefore, this page is dedicated to all families of Asperger's because we understand one anothers trials
and tribulations and know from experience that it is next to impossible to live our lives like islands all
alone without the support of friends, encouragement, prayer, and hope.  
Just as God said  "Let there be Light" and there was.  He also said  "Those who wait on the Lord, shall
mount up with wings like eagles, and their strength shall be renewed" Isaiah 40:

So please send your prayer requests our way and we will believe God's Word with you for His will and
plan for your life because we know
NONE of His plans for you or your family include defeat, but instead
are plans of good and to prosper you even as your soul prospers.  Below is a prayer of faith and
encouragement, just hold your cursor over Lord and drag to the end of page.

I pray for the needs of all families represented by Georgia Asperger’s Organization and for those reading
this prayer right now.  I pray in Jesus name that you would order their foot steps to the places and people
who  will help and encourage them.  That they will have favor in the eyes of men when applying for
services, seeking resources, or learning to advocate.  Lord, I pray that you will continue to bless all of us
with wisdom beyond our years and help us to see with our hearts and not just our eyes.  I pray for Your
very best teacher's, counselors, therapists, friends, and opportunities to be brought into our children's
lives and that these special people will be prepared to embrace their uniqueness and recognize their
"bend / niche" and also that we will learn together as a team how to listen to them and compromise for
the well being of our children.  Lord, for the teens and youth who have not had friends, I pray in Jesus
name that you would make the way and help them to discover how to be a friend and how to cultivate at
least one good friendship.  We also ask that you please send your very best volunteers, to help with our
TAP Group so that our young adults will benefit from the social, communication, and life skills taught.  I
pray that these fundamental skills will be developed and practiced so that they may be empowered and
encouraged to be all that you created them to be.  Thank you that they are wonderfully made and created
in your image, nothing missing, nothing broken, but rather uniquely formed and fashioned for your
purpose in their life and for your good pleasure. Please help us everyday to help them and to be patient
and loving and please give us eyes to see them the way that you see them.  Thank you for choosing the
very best mothers, fathers, care givers, teachers, and friends to care for and direct these blessings and
for equipping us with the strength to do it.  Lord, I pray for our communities and that you please teach us
how to share these neurological disorders and conditions AKA Aspreger's, PDD, or HFA with them, so
that they may better understand and be able to accept and help us.  Lord, according to your word, you
said "ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened," so we
believe you are opening those doors of enrichment and opportunity right now, and You said that "where 2
or more gather in His Name sake, that it shall be done, and  that your word does not return void but
accomplishes what it was sent forth to do, and that You hold NOT one good thing back from those who
love and trust you" and we do.  Thank you in advance for the friendships, connections, resources,
support, programs, and finances that we will develop, receive, and encounter through our journeys with
Georgia Asperger’s Organization and for the families and communities that we will benefit and
strengthen.  In Jesus Name, we love you Lord Amen.
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