Georgia Asperger’s Organization, was established in 2008 and is presently located in
Barrow County.  We serve person's and families throughout the state of Georgia.  
We offer diversity awareness training, encouragement, resources, advocacy support,
and preparation for transition beyond high school.
Our Mission to the families in our community
Who we are

Our mission is strengthening families and bridging them together with communities
through developing healthy and productive relationships with schools, local
businesses and faith based organization's.  We host monthly community meet-ups,
training work shops, and educational seminars to better
equip, empower, educate and encourage our young adults

(Transition Awareness Program) Club members meet up together at various
locations each month where we meet new friends and explore employment and post
secondary options.   We also learn fun team building activities and develop
leadership skills while serving our community.
Community Involvement

We are proud supporters of other and local Self Determined and Person Centered
Organizations and Communities, such as
Randy & Friends,  located in Hall County,  
Extra Special People, located in Oconee County,  Camp Wellspring, located in
Autism Asperger Publishing Company, and Autism Society of America
Greater Ga. Chapter located in Atlanta.
About Us
Georgia Asperger's Organization
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This link provides great
instruction regarding
'How To" apply for

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A very interesting "one on one interview" with a beautiful adult woman, named
Wendy Lawson
whom was diagnosed with Asperger's.  I wanted to share it with you
so click on the link if you care to learn more from a personal perspective.

EX: Q. What's the most important advice you would give to a parent whose child has just been
diagnosed with asperger syndrome?
A. This is difficult...there are several things that a parent
would benefit from, i.e. remembering that their child will grow up and they won't stay the way
they are today! Pervasive Developmental DELAY is just that, DELAY not CANCELLATION!!!!
A parent will need to look after themselves and take time to do this, i.e. foster time out for
relaxation and pleasure; attend to personal relationships with partner and any other family
members...other children. A parent needs lots of support and they need to know that that's OK.
Teachers, psychologists and other professionals will not always see things the same way that a
parent does...this can be upsetting but, as parents we need to fight for our children and not be
put off by the ignorance of others. All of this means that for parents, it is better to join with
others and share the experience, rather than try to go it alone!
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