Georgia Asperger's Organization

We felt this was an awesome and
video worth sharing.  It seems
to reflect how Autism and or Asperger's can
sometimes effect families.
Thank you Linda Ellerbee and Nick News
for your time and effort in providing
Autism Awareness in such an honest and
inspiring message.
(Twenty two minutes in length)
We encourage parents, teachers,
volunteers, and
professionals to
participate in providing and
implementing valuable resources and
training to benefit our children.
Life Journey Through Autism:
A Guide for Transition to Adulthood
Life Journey through Autism
A Parents Guide to Research
More Favorite Resources
Useful Autism Links

Autism Spectrum
Resource Guide
Work Incentives
Planning Assistance

Benefits Navigator Program
Shepherd Center,
Atlanta, Georgia

A FREE Service Provided By:
Shepherd Center in a
cooperative agreement with
the Social Security
When you order through the above link, AAPC
20% of  your sale order will support our
mission and help us help others.
The College Internship Program at the
Brevard Center provides
individualized, post-secondary
academic, internship and independent
living experiences for young adults
with Asperger's Syndrome and other
Learning Differences.
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Excellent webinar links
presented by P2P of Ga
Interviews, Get the job, Keep the job
Interview Do's & Do NOT's
Call 770-307-0672
to schedule a meeting and
discuss the benefits of Self
Determination and preparing
for a Person Centered life
with your unique and
personalized PATH.
Transition Toolkit

from Autism Speaks