Georgia Asperger's Organization offers resources, referrals, and
support to families of Aspergers and HFA.  President and Founder,
Marcia Singson, has twenty years of experience in advocating for
person's who have exceptional needs within the scope of public
school systems, family support, employment and social security.

We also coordinate and host workshops, guest speaker meetings,
and support groups to educate communities and families about
Diversity Awareness, supports, services, social skills, activities,
Self Determination, Person Centered Planning
and self advocacy support.  Helpful resources are listed on this
page to assist in coordinating the exceptionalities of families and
their loved ones.

Important "First Stop" Resources
for parents and professionals
Great Medicaid Waiver Resources including
qualifications and instructions
Service Title 6: IDEA 2004: Evaluación y Elegibilidad

Service Title 7:Autism Information Center

Service Title 8: 504 Accommodations

Service Title 9: ADD/ADHD

Service Title 10: Letter Samples
Service Title 11: Eligibility
Service Title 12: EBD- Emotional Behavioral Disorder
Kids Enabled
A Publication for kids with
learning differences
Our Services
Transition Toolkit
Obtained from Autism Speaks
Georgia Asperger's Organization
Making A Difference
Fall 2008 Edition magazine
empowers and encourages families
Disclaimer: We have provided links to these sites because they have information that may be of interest to you. GAO does not necessarily endorse
the views or information presented on these sites. Furthermore, GAO does not endorse any commercial products or information that may be
presented or advertised on these sites.
B.A.S.S. (Barrow Asperger's Syndrome Support) Group's
and T.A.P. (Transition Awareness Program) Club's
are hosted by Georgia Asperger's Organization and
meet up together at various locations each month where we
meet new friends and explore employment and post
secondary options.   We also do fun team building activities
and develop leadership skills while serving our community.
Interviews, Get the job, Keep the job
Interview Do's & Do NOT's

Parent Mentors                                  770-867-4527
ASA (Greater Ga Chapter)                        770-904-4474
Forum by adults with Asperger's
Atlanta Spectrum Adult Support Group        
Autism Angel Center                            706-215-1953
Autism Inspiration
Autism UGA
BCSB Parent Mentor                            770-867-4358
Beyond Words Social Skills                   404-633-0250
Emory Autism Ctr.                               404-727-8350
F.A.C.E.S.                                             770-356-6140
Ga Council of Develop. Disabilities        404-657-2126
Ga. Advocacy Office                              800-537-2329
Georgia Legal Services                          800-745-5717
Hope Haven Respite                              706-548-4361
Integrity Counseling                             706-387-0573
Kidsplay Therapy Center                       678-205-5437
Made 4 Kids, Inc.                                  706-995-3160
NASA                                                    800-328-8476
Ntl. Assoc. of Parents w/ SPED
Parent Mentors                                     770-867-4527
Pepp, Inc                                               770-577-7771
Dr. Abelkop, Ph.D. PC                          706-316-1908
Reinforcement Unlimited                      770-591-9552
Special Olympics of Georgia
Social Thinking                                     877-464-9278
Autism)                                       706-542-4110
Wellspring Camp                                  706-206-0893
Wrightslaw Special Ed.
Yellowpages for kids

A life Worth Living
Beth Mount
Wonderful resource for adults to carry
Post Secondary College

More Students With Disabilities
Heading to College
"Postsecondary Options Expanding"
By Nirvi Shah from
Education Week
Navigating College
A Self Advocacy Handbook for Adults on the
Autism Spectrum
written by Adults with Autism
and funded by Autism NOW Resource and
Information Center